Sheepskin Seat Saver for English Saddles

$139.95 CAD

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Your horse benefits from sheepskin pads, now your bum can benefit from a sheepskin seat saver! Great for cold or wet conditions. Perfect for those long, winter XC schooling sessions or your next fox hunt! Built in Germany by Christ Lammfelle, the sheepskin seat saver is made of natural lambskin with an inch or so of fluffy fur. Secure the seat saver to your saddle using a three point system. The English seat saver connects from front to back under the saddle and using woven elastic, connects under the skirts on each side of the saddle. Easy to clean using any lambskin safe detergent. Fits most English saddle sizes and shapes (Dressage, show jumping and cross country saddles).
Made by Christ - 

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