Back On Track - Fleece Fingerless Gloves

$29.95 CAD

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If you work with personal computers or perform repetitive movements with your wrist and hand, or if you’ve sustained a wrist injury, including the thumb this wrist cover might just be what you need. Our fleece wrist cover provides soothing warmth and support, which may help relieve pain. We’ve constructed our Wrist cover with our state-of-the art, ceramic powder-infused Welltex fabric, which works with your natural body warmth to provide a gentle warmth. The ceramic powder reflects your own body warmth as a far infrared wave, a form of energy that has documented pain relieving effect. While wearing the wrist cover the reflected heat may help reduce wrist and thumb tension.




Size Top/Knuckle Length Bottom/Wrist


6½" 7" 6"
Medium 7½" 7¾" 6½"
Large 8" 8" 7¼"
XL 8" 8¼" 7½"

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