Best Friend Clip-On Anti-Grazing Muzzle

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Recommended by Veterinarians to prevent problems associated with overeating. The muzzle is constructed of durable nylon webbing and has a flexible rubber bottom with a small opening. The small opening allows the pony to eat small amounts of grass while providing unrestricted drinking. Rather than being confined to a non-grass environment to control intake, ponies are free to exercise and socialize as part of the herd.

The grazing muzzle is designed for comfort and safety for your pony. The basket weave style construction resists rubbing and chafing so common with other muzzles. It's rot-resistant and easy to clean with soap and water. The muzzle is made of black Nylon and attaches easily onto any turnout halter using the velcro fasteners. The picture shows plastic clips but these have been replaced with velcro attachments. The velcro allows the muzzle to breakaway for safety. To determine which size is going to fit your pony the best follow the directions below:

Fitting Instructions: 
Measure up the muzzle depth on your pony and check the circumference at that point. The muzzle should not fit tight but should have a few fingers space between the muzzle and pony. The clip-on grazing muzzle is available in 4 sizes. Don't go by the product names, use the measurements provided to determine the size muzzle you need.

Mini-Mini Size:(3 1/4'' deep and 15'' in circumference), fits most minis & really small ponies

Mini Size:(3 1/2'' deep and 18'' in circumference), fits most small ponies

Pony Size:(4 1/2'' deep and 20'' in circumference), fits most medium ponies

Large Pony/Cob Size:.....(5 1/2'' deep, 22'' in circumference), fits larger mediums or large ponies

The Best Friend Grazing Muzzle is designed to breakaway for safety.