Horseware Rambo Ionic Saddle Pad

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The Rambo Ionic Saddle Pad is a therapeutic all purpose pad to help your horse's back muscles relax become more supple for work. The Ionic pad is a lovely polycotton pad that is printed on the back with Horseware's tourmaline crystal powder. The tourmaline powder releases an electric charge which converts the surrounding air molecules to negative ions. These netagive ions have the following benefits:
  • Stimulates and regulates the circulatory system and increases the cells ability to absorb and use oxygen
  • Helps to improve the permeability of cells, encouraging a faster metabolic rate
  • Helps to speed up oxidation of serotonin in the blood, contributing to improved mood and pain relief
  • Aids in regulating enzyme activity
  • Affects the configuration of water molecules in the blood increasing their hydration capacity
  • Increased blood oxygen leads to improved focus and concentration
  • Increased oxygen levels in muscle for greater stamina and energy
  • Negative ions contribute to collagen production

    There are competitive products on the market, but it is also important to note that, unlike similar products, the Ionic products do not create heat, so they are a nice alternative during warmer weather. With so many benefits, you can see why so many professionals are loving the Rambo Ionic Products.

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