Mattes PM Correction Dressage Half Pad

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The Mattes Sheepskin Half Pad utlizies high quality cotton/polyester blend quilted fabric. The core of the half pad is made of two layers, POLY-FLEX which is a deep needled polyester felt which is used to maintain the shape and spread the pressure while polyester wadding provides padding. There is no foam, neoprene or gel which makes this pad entirely breathable.

This half pad includes the correction system with both front and back pockets where you can insert shims to change the saddle fit up to 30mm. This allows you to easily compensate for the rapid physical development of young horses in training, horses that have been out of work for a while, and those who change shape during the competition season. Simply add an extra shim or remove them to alter the fit to the changing shape of the horse. Each half pad with the correction system comes with 3 4mm thick felt shims for each pocket.

The PM system was designed and named for Peter Menet, who designed Amerigo and Vega saddles. The billet straps are replaced by button holes that goes completely through the pad which allows the billet straps of a Mattes Quick or other thin pad to be fed through making the pads into a single unit.