ThinLine English Saddle Half Pad Black

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Pure Classic 1/4 inch ThinLine: used under your saddle and over another pad of your choice.

ThinLine delivers the most shock absorption of any saddle pad. Protect your horse, Reduce Rider Movement, Improve Saddle Fit. Average life span: a decade!

Classic ThinLine Pads (the original saddle pad) covers the weight bearing surface of the saddle and are designed to be very minimal and discreet. This pad will mold to the horses shape when warmed to body temperature, and should be used on top of a regular saddle pad, directly underneath the saddle. It flexes and moves with the horse so there is no pinching or pulling across the withers or spine. ThinLine provides more impact protection than other saddle pads, and are ideal for less experienced riders or horses needing maximized protection.

This pad is so effective we moved on and designed a range of products with the ThinLine technology sewn onto materials such as cotton, sheepskin and wool. This is the best of what we do and will work and last for you.

This saddle pad will encourage horses to soften and engage faster * Non Slip-stops saddle movement *ThinLine protection for horse and rider without added bulk .

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