Walsh English Neoprene Girth

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  • Walsh English Neoprene Girth
  • Walsh English Neoprene Girth
Neoprene is comfortable, cushioned, and durable for horses. This basic girth has elastic on both sides, adding to its comfort and feeling of ‘give’ for the horse. Neoprene has the thickness and density to absorb shock, yet it also has extremely low surface friction. This makes it easy to slide and stretch comfortable around the vulnerable girth area of the horse, and its ‘spongy’ feel is elastic and form-fitting. Neoprene is also very easy to clean, and to rinse off the sweat. For horses that have sensitivity or reactiveness to the girth, the English Neoprene Girth by Walsh may be the exact match you’ve been looking for. For horses that ‘blow up’, or actually drop down - or any other extreme reaction - they are feeling like they are choking. The stretchy, comfortably spongy feel of neoprene combined with the elasticized buckles on each end, will certainly alleviate the extent of these feelings. When the girth is done up slowly, in increments, and sometimes as the horse is walking, a lot of trust can be regained with the right girth. This girth is also great for horses that are prone to girth galls and other sores, with the low surface friction that is characteristic of neoprene. The heavy-duty 2-ply English elastic ends are fastened with strong nylon webbing. The girth is machine washable for easy cleaning. A centre dee ring allows for a breastplate, martingale, or draw reins to be easily attached. 

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