Incrediwear Circulation Neck Sleeve

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Incrediwear Equine Circulation Neck Sleeve is created to relieve muscle tension and improve movement in horses neck, especially atlas and in 3rd, 4th and 5th vertebrae region. Product can be comfortably positioned on horses neck depending on situation where it could benefit the most.  The anti-inflammatory effects of the product can give relief to your horse when worn, accelerating recovery and improving performance as well. As the Incrediwear Equine range is not based on compression it does not restrict blood flow. The neck sleeve is a cross-over product from the Incrediwear Human product range.


Equivalent to Human Body Sleeve (size L), maximum stretch size 66 x 66 cm.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Incrediwear is a novel "athletic" fabric that has been used in the human sports industry for over 6 years. It features a germanium/carbon-embedded fiber that activates when exposed to body heat, causing infrared waves to induce cellular vibration through energy transfer to intracellular water, thereby releasing and triggering a mechanical increase in blood flow to the area along with heightened lymphatic drainage, resulting in its unique properties. Incrediwear Equine has adapted these principles into a new line of products focused on the equine distal limb. When applied dry, the product increases blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage. When applied wet, particularly with warm or hot water, an endothermic reaction occurs, resulting in decreased surface temperatures, creating an 'ice bandage' effect. By following these general principles, the product can be applied dry before exercise to enhance blood flow and wet following exercise for the cooling effect. It's important to note that all applications should be conducted under the supervision and/or advice of your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not familiar with Incrediwear Equine, encourage them to contact the office for more information.

Easy to clean. Wash warm or cold up to 104F (40C). Tumble Dry Low. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

The Incrediwear Waist/Neck Sleeve is embedded with Germanium for increasing circulation, and is made of Nylon, Polyester, Cotton and Spandex for a comfortable feel