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Shapley's No. 2 Heavy Oil

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No. 2 Heavy Oil is a wonderfully rich, deep conditioning oil. It is a great intensive oil treatment used either cold or heated to add needed oils back to skin, coat, mane and tail. It adds shine back to dried and damaged skin and hair while softening and adding vitality. 
Professional grooms recommend using No. 2 Heavy Oil as a treatment after body clipping to condition skin, remove dandruff, restore the hair’s natural color and remove any loose hair. It is particularly useful to blanket the horse afterward and allow the heat from his body to help the oil deeply condition his coat and skin. Your horse’s coat will never look healthier.


“Thank you so much for No. 2 Heavy Oil! I have used it for years after body clipping to help bring out the rich dark luster in my bay’s coat. People always ask how I get such a natural shine...and I smile...and keep my winning show secret to myself!”

–- A.W.

“I have been using No. 2 Heavy Oil for years to help keep my mare’s long, beautiful tail healthy. Once a week, I drop the bottle in a bucket of hot water and let it heat up. I apply to her tail and then let No. 2 Oil to its magic! The next day I wash my mare with Hi Shine and the results are unbelievable. Don’t ever stop making this as my horse and myself would be lost without it!”

–- P.P.

“Awesome conditioner for my sensitive thoroughbred. Thanks!”

–- R.H.

Helpful Hints

  • No. 2 Oil works wonderfully as a deep conditioner when hair is dry and brittle or after body clipping to combat dry, itchy skin and dandruff.
  • Pour No. 2 Oil into a spray bottle and apply evenly and lightly over the horse’s coat after body clipping. Put a horse blanket over the horse (one you don’t mind getting a bit of oil on) and the horse’s body heat will help the oil deep condition the hair.
  • No. 2 Oil can be applied heated or just out of the bottle. To heat oil, place in a bucket of hot water. Make sure the oil it is not too hot to burn the horse. Heated oil works best to deep condition the tail.
  • When conditioning the tail, braid and use a tail bag.